Gastrofork: Hop & Vine Taphouse Moa Brewing Longtable Dinner

Posted on: October 15th, 2014 by camilla

Moa DinnerI love going to Hop and Vine hands down. Every time I go to a long table or dinner, I learn something new, eat great food and drink lots of beer. What more could you ask for as a foodie, and even someone who’s just hungry? I was really lucky to be able to attend their Moa Brewing Longtable. I love Hop and Vine, because there are nights I do want a pub experience but not the unhealthy food that is connected to pub-life. And Hop and Vine always has interesting, delicious, home cooked food…

… The St. Joseph was my favorite, hands down. Josh and I went to the liquor store attached to Hop and Vine after and bought a whole box of this. It is hoppy, but it is a very well balanced beer that the hops are also paired with wonderful sweet and spiced notes as well.

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