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Hello Vancity – Beer Cocktails Dinner

Posted on: May 8th, 2013 by camilla

beer2_jpg_pagespeed_ce_2LzovDIJyQI love Hop & Vine. It’s my local, they have a great chef, and an amazing craft beer selection. Normally you can find me there wednesday nights for cheap wings, or sundays for cheap king crab legs. They also have monthly LTS, which feature 5-6 drinks paired with chef inspired dishes. I’ve attended beer & wine long table series in the past at Hop & Vine, but this was my first time doing a beer cocktail one. Normally, I don’t put anything else in my beer other than a lime (or maybe a margarita if I’m having a bull dog), but I was so curious to see how beer cocktails would taste. Read More HERE

Beer Cocktails Long Table Dinner

Posted on: April 16th, 2013 by camilla

At the relatively quiet intersection of Blundell & No. 2 Road in Richmond, BC is a pub that serves up an amazing craft beer selection. Really, it’s a pretty cool place to be in as it’s got actual personable history, not some cookie cutter pub layout. Of course, their beer selection is helped as they’ve got a working relationship with Beerthirst. I was invited out to one of their longtable dinners, usually they are just a pour of beer paired with a dish, but this time it was beer cocktails. Read More Here


Cocktail Anyone? Craft Beer Cocktails That Is

Posted on: April 8th, 2013 by camilla
What the hell is a beer cocktail you say? You may have noticed them recently on some bar/restaurant menus but haven’t tried them. I was in the same boat until Friday night. Pumphouse Pub had their monthly craft beer longtable dinner with
Beerthirst beers and I was intrigued to try the cocktails. Chef Daniela Iaci never fails to impress with her food pairings so spending $40 for a five course meal paired with cocktails created by Mike Summers was a no-brainer. Read more HERE

Nathan Leonhardt Fundraiser Dinner

Posted on: February 4th, 2013 by camilla

The always-awesome Pumphouse Pub in Richmond held a special edition of their long table dinner-series last week, and this one was organized to assist Nathan Leonhardt as he prepares for next season on the Canadian PGA Tour. The evening featured 5 handcrafted fine dining dishes created by award-winning Executive Chef Daniela Iaci, each paired with 5 different brews presented by Beerthirst! Read more HERE

Tourism Burnaby: The Brewmasters Dinner

Posted on: November 2nd, 2012 by camilla

When Micah Noble decided to completely change his friendly neighbourhood pub, “The Stone Throw” five years ago, he was met with some negativity. “We were told we would be bankrupt within six months”, says Noble.” Why all the negativity? Because Noble was giving his pub a facelift, changing the name to the “Hop and Vine” and completely changing his menu from regular every day beer to “Craft Brews.” Read More from Tourism Burnaby HERE

365 Days of Dining: On Pumphouse Pub & Celebrating BC Craft Beer Month

Posted on: October 22nd, 2012 by camilla

Hop-love.  Small-batch.  Mastery of micro-brew.  Hold onto your steins everyone, it’s BC Craft Beer Month! I celebrated last night at The Pumphouse Pub with Chris, Jillian, and Stephen – three of my most beer-devoted friends. The pub is a huge supporter of craft beer, stock an amazing selection, and host popular Long Table dinners throughout the year.  We bought tickets ($50) to a dinner in honour of craft beer makers, which they organized in collaboration with Beer Thirst.  There were a number of master brewers in attendance, such as Jack Bensley from Russell Brewery, who spoke about their work and the the craft beer scene in BC.  Read more from Lindsay Anderson  HERE

Contrast Studio: The Pumphouse Long Table Dinner

Posted on: October 22nd, 2012 by camilla

The Pumphouse in Richmond, at the corner of Blundell and No. 2 road has been serving up exceptional craft beer from its 20+ taps for over 4 years now, and this past Friday, they held their monthly food + beer Tasting Series. This evening had the distinction of having all six brewers presenting their beer, and it made for an interactive and very enjoyable evening. Executive chef Daniela Iaci presented six courses that she thoughtfully paired with each brew, and she didn’t disappoint! Keep reading HERE


Beerthirst July Long Table

Posted on: August 8th, 2012 by camilla
If you’re not familiar with the Pumphouse Pub
on Blundell Road in Richmond, I believe they have the largest
number of taps in Richmond (24 taps), most of which are craft beer.
They also maintain an extensive bottle list and update both listsweeklyto add all the new goodies that come in.
They have great pub food along with a few specialty items like the butter chicken, perogies and deep sea pesto linguine.
The portions are all generous, including the appetizers. Unless your name is Len, you won’t be able to crush a plate of nachos on your own.
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Pumphouse Pub Bacon and Beer Dinner!

Posted on: June 21st, 2012 by camilla

Another Longtable dinner at the Pumphouse Pub in Richmond has come and gone and this one was a doozy! A five course bacon themed dinner, each course paired with a beer from the Beerthirst portfolio, bacon and beer? Yes please!! This dinner had the added twist of being a fundraiser for local golf phenom Nathan Leonhardt with all proceeds going to help his dream of playing on the PGA Tour…Keep Reading HERE

Pumphouse Pub -Take Two!

Posted on: June 14th, 2012 by camilla

A few Friday’s ago, the Pumphouse Pub in Richmond BC invited me to experience another one of their fantastic Long Table Dinners. This time however, it was a Wine Long Table Dinner which was created around a lavish Italian menu. Trust me—I know what a lucky foodie I am to have been invited!The menu was created by none other than the brilliant Italian Chef Daniela Iaci. Each of the five dishes was cleverly paired to a wine (all under the $20 range) and which can be easily located at your local liquor store…read more from Small Girl Big Plate HERE